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hey friend!

I'm Michelle Lynch

Practitioner, Educator, creator, lifelong learner, recovering perfectionist, and proud owner of 6 minions. Here to give you all the tools you need to sucCEED AND BE INDEPENDENT of the systems that want to control & disempower you. 

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I'm Michelle Lynch. 

Ambitious Visionary, Over-the-Top Creator, Holistic Health Hacker, Medical Freedom Advocate, Recipe Guru, and Mama to 6 minions.

My mission here is to help you break free of the chains in your brain, uplevel your life, and finally live out your purpose.

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hey there!

I’m a health + wellness expert, teacher to constantly evolving growth minded individuals, self proclaimed healthy baker, truth seeker, attention-to-detail overachiever, serial entrepreneur, and I treat gossip and negativity like the plague.

If you are a boss babe who is currently the CEO of her business & family but feel like you're in an entry level position, I have your back! I am here to give you more knowledge & clarity so you can take your business, health, and family life to the next level.

Coaching for Women Who Want to Thrive


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What are you needing to uplevel?

The secret to success is to understand where you are coming from so that you can bridge the gap to where you want to go. Find out what's been holding you back...

Hmm, Let's find out...

I love good people who do good business. I love helping people find good health so they can live a good life and cultivate good relationships. So what better than a podcast that promotes goodness of all things?! Here to help you live a realllly good life. 

The Podcast

The Rise of Goodness 

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“Michelle! Are you a master wizard? Or some mad scientist? I don't know but you have forever changed my life.”



Taking blogging to the next level. 

Nothing is off the table. I'm an open book and I'm bringing to light everything that you want to know about...that nobody talks about. I'll be uncovering tools I use to get my clients jaw dropping results + how to level up your health and your biz (bc those are kinda my jam). 

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Behind the Scenes

You're overwhelmed. I get it. I've been there. You want to look and feel your best, make more financially so you can serve more people, and be the BOSS of your life. But you don't know where to begin! You need clarity and you need it fast. Good news! I created these courses just for you! After spending years in the trenches and sorting through all of the information out there...I have come out alive (and thriving, might I add) with the skills and knowledge to help you win at life.

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Been there. Done that. 

Courses, Memberships, $ More (oh my!)

Naked nutrition

macros 101

Level Up Your Health & Regain Control

Macros. Your New Secret Weapon.

Cooking Made Clean & Simple

The Kitchen Lab

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For Those That Need To Have It All

LAUNCHING Summer 2023

LAUNCHING Summer 2023

Your concept of good/better/best/optimal changed the way I make decisions- not just for my health but for EVERYTHING. You are the first coach I've ever met that breaks things down where it's easy to understand."

"Your honesty is refreshing. I think most people don't make progress because they don't have someone they trust that can shoot them straight.

- Lisa

My Favorite Things

They say as a successful entrepreneur, you need to be a producer and not a consumer. Problem is...I like to shop. like a lot.  I am also an obsessive compulsive type A so I don't trust reviews until I test it out myself. So what do you get when you have an obsessive compulsive type A consumer? You get some awesome feedback. :) And that's just what I got for ya. Some feedback on my favorite tried and true products (that actually work). And because I'm an educator and I like people asking questions & understanding why they should consume anything they buy, I'll also give you a rundown on what makes these products so amazing. 

you had me at 'favorite things'

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Non-Toxic Home



The best products to look and feel better

Upgrade your home with my favorite non-toxic finds

Some must haves when it comes to business

You surely can 

Do it all


Free guide

Ditch the Toxic Life & Detox

In case you missed it...mom of 6 over here. Not only am I constantly chasing around little ones (it's legit like a scene out of "Cheaper by the Dozen")...but my husband and I have built numerous 6 & 7 figure businesses. I have been told more times than I like to count "You can't do it all" or "Slow down". People will try to tell you that you can't run a successful business and have an amazing family life. You can't possibly look great and feel great while juggling these things, either. But here is the truth...you've been fed a lie. And if there is ONE thing you walk away knowing, it's this: YOU CAN DO ANYTHING YOU WANT TO. You are the creator of your reality.

Once I learned this...I decided I wanted my reality to be good. Like really good. Ever since, I started working towards gaining the skills I needed to create the life I want and help others do it too! It truly is that simple. I want this site to be a place where you gain inspiration, education, and the guts to take the risks that will set you free. Now is the time. 

You can be an amazing mom, home maker, AND empowering leader all at the same time. I am here to prove it to you and give you resources for it all. Let's get started...shall we?

More goodies to get you started:

Getting Your Family On Board with Healthy Living

Why I Ditched My Doc and Became My Own Practitioner 

Date Night Made Healthy (and Fun)!

Detox Time

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Giving you weekly content that will help you level up in all areas of your life. If you like awesome freebies that actually help you grow, then this is for YOU my friend! 

I'm Michelle Lynch.

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I quit my 9 to 5 job, opened a gym, and started helping individuals on their journey to exceptional health. Along the way I learned a thing or two about entrepreneurship from the best in the business. I'm not lucky- I just work hard to gain skills (and I read- A LOT). 


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