Making Date Night Healthy & Fun

July 22, 2021

One of the biggest questions I get most often is, “Ok…I want to be healthier but it seems like the weekends destroy my progress! I want to be able to enjoy date night but how do I stay on track?!”

For the longest time it was one of the things that train wrecked me as well so I understand the struggle.

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One of the biggest questions I get most often is, “Ok…I want to be healthier but it seems like the weekends destroy my progress! I want to be able to enjoy date night but how do I stay on track?!”

For the longest time it was one of the things that train wrecked me as well so I understand the struggle. 

During the week there is more routine, you can lay out what you want to eat and have an easier time sticking to it. Then the weekend rolls around where you are juggling activities, running low on groceries, and have more fun things planned. This can be hard to navigate when you have your eyes on being the best version of yourself & keeping your health as a priority (especially when your husband decides to bring home a box of Krispy Kreme). 

Here are some suggestions to get you headed in the right direction (and guaranteed to keep date night fun):

  1. Plan ahead. If you know you do date night every Friday night then choose a place that is conducive to your goals and decide what you’re going to get ahead of time. If you keep going to the same place where you get the same meal loaded with crap, you’re going to keep getting the same results. 
  2. Choose wisely. What I hear most often is  not the kind of food that made someone feel miserable later but HOW MUCH of that food made them feel bad. Knowing this…choose what you are most looking forward to. If it’s the piece of coconut creme cake…then have it. If it’s the few slices of your favorite bbq pizza…then have that. Or maybe it’s your favorite martini…go for it! But what I wouldn’t do is have all of it when you know you are setting yourself up to regret it later. 
  3. Have date night at home (or the park if you need to get away from kiddos). Save the restaurant bill and make a healthier version of your favorite dish at home. It’s something out of the norm so you’re spicing it up a bit while also learning how to eat the things you love with healthier ingredients. So you are gaining some valuable knowledge too! 
  4. Get outside! Most people’s date nights consist of a heavy meal and binging on Netflix. But did you know that your digestion and overall health will improve if you get a walk after dinner? It’s been shown in studies that a walk after dinner actually helps regulate and stabilize blood sugar levels. So instead of going home and straight to bed…take a walk around the neighborhood. Not only is the movement so great for your blood sugar levels, but also great for your blood oxygen levels too. Fresh air really does make a huge difference in your health. 

Above all, as I always advise…get crystal clear on what it is you are trying to accomplish. It’s so much easier to stay on track when you know what you are working to achieve. 

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