What you need to know to start your business and actually see success

May 26, 2021

FavoriteIf you want to be an entrepreneur there is one thing I know about you. You have the desire to serve others and that desire outweighs financial gain or the number of followers you have. If this is not you…then trust me when I say that you are not in it for the right reasons […]

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If you want to be an entrepreneur there is one thing I know about you. You have the desire to serve others and that desire outweighs financial gain or the number of followers you have. If this is not you…then trust me when I say that you are not in it for the right reasons and it will cause a lot of problems down the road. 

Being an entrepreneur takes up a lot of your time, energy, and stress. If you are interested in the idea of owning your own business thinking it’s your “get rich quick” strategy then you are going to be incredibly disappointed. 

But…if your intention is to pour into your audience and serve them better than anybody else can…then this post is for you. 

So let’s get down to it, shall we? Here are a few things that I would tell my past self in order to pave more of a path so she wouldn’t keep getting lost along the way. 

Get crystal clear on what your business is going to be focused around. What niche are you going to be in? Make sure it’s something that you love so much that you could spend hours talking about it without stopping. Something that lights you up and you would love to teach it to someone else FOR FREE. 

Is there something you know enough about that you have friends that come to you for advice on that particular topic? Yes? Well…you may be on to something! And if you are thinking, “Well Michelle…I feel like I have so much to learn! Even thought I know a little bit, I’m no expert. I’ll feel like a fraud trying to coach someone.” That leads me to number 2! 

Start somewhere. There may be a little voice in your head telling you that you aren’t good enough or know enough. Let me tell you something: there is someone out there that doesn’t know everything you do and could gain so much valuable information from you. Just because there is someone else that may know more than you on any given topic should NEVER hold you back from teaching others what you already know! Your knowledge mixed with your personality and coaching style is unique to you and there is someone out there that needs it. 

Avoid analysis paralysis. When you start a business there are going to be so many people trying to convince you of the right way to attract your audience. These same people will make it seem like all other avenues don’t work as well. For example…one business coach may be adamant that Facebook ads are not the way to go. They will use their entire webinar pitch to convince you that they know the perfect way to grow organically and become a millionaire overnight. Another business coach will say just the opposite. This can easily cause a lot of overwhelm. And when you’re overwhelmed, it’s easy to run into analysis paralysis. Or even worse…you try it all and feel like it’s all failing. 

Want me to tell you what will work best? What you do most consistently. This is no different than someone trying to get healthy and lose weight. They might have a group of friends all doing different diets- one doing keto, another doing paleo, another having success with carnivore. You get the point. And when all of her friends try convincing her which diet works (because they are all working well for each of them)…which one should she do? The one that she will actually stick with long enough to see if it works for her! Duh! So don’t get caught in the middle of all business coaches trying to vie for your attention. 

Get a coach or mentor that you align with. Do this as soon as possible. The sooner you realize that investing in your growth will only help catapult your success, the better off you will be. We held off way too long in the beginning stages of our business. We were stuck with a business that was a hobby until we invested nearly 100k in a coach that helped us completely take off. Man, do I wish we could have met him earlier! We had a scarcity mindset that he broke and for that, I am forever thankful. 

If you can dive in today with those 4 key pieces of advice, you will be well on your way. You’ll learn the more technical aspects of business from a great coach within your niche, but these few things are the ones I wish I had been told sooner. Good luck friend! I’m rooting for ya! 

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