Why I Ditched the Doc and Became my Own Practitioner

April 1, 2022

At the age of 30 I had no idea what was going on or why…until I ended up with a blessing in disguise…

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If you can take away one thing from this post, here is what I want you to walk away with: Your body is capable. “Capable of what?”, you may be asking. Capable of anything. Capable of adapting to what you put it through, yes…but also capable of healing. It shows up for you every day, even on days you don’t want to show up yourself. So for that…be grateful. 

I grew up in a traditional American household: regularly scheduled doctors appointments for well visits and vaccines, standard American diet, and zero clue of what being healthy actually meant or what my body was capable of. I know that my wonderful and caring parents had the best of intentions, but as they say…you don’t know what you don’t know and this led to decisions that were not optimal.

It was no surprise that as I got older, I started to have symptoms pop up and didn’t know where they were coming from or how to alleviate them. Off to the doctor I would go to get another prescription medication or unnecessary medical procedure that would only cause a cascade of other problems. 

As a teenager it was body image issues that hit me hard. Trying to keep up with having the perfect body composition was exhausting. And because I was never properly educated on the right way to nourish my body, maintain weight, and build muscle…I was left taking advice from anyone around me that looked like they knew what they were doing. And now looking back I realize most of them knew very little. This is a recipe for chronic dieting with unhealthy habits. 

My bad choices in life continued and I ended up getting breast implants at the age of 20. I have more details on this within my breast implant post. Long story short, I ended up getting mold toxicity from the implants. I also was struggling with heavy metals and parasites galore. 

At the age of 30 I had no idea what was going on or why. I was feeling like an 80 year old woman until I ended up with a blessing in disguise (that most would call a nightmare). I had a capsular contracture that led to a rupture in one of my implants. I ended up explanting because of the amount of pain that accompanied it. 

This led me down the rabbit hole of further discovering how important every decision of what you put in and on your body matters. 

Up until then I was making nutrition and lifestyle decisions that were over stressing my system, causing inflammation, and depleting my body of the nutrients it needed. My toxic bucket was completely overflowing.

I decided to take matters into my own hands. If there is one thing I had learned it is to take a closer look at the patterns in my life to make wiser choices and one pattern was inevitable: the more I followed allopathic medicine, the worse I felt. So I decided to learn as much as I could and begin following a more holistic approach. 

Over 2 years later and the myriad of chronic symptoms I was experiencing are either completely gone or continuing to diminish. The brain fog, fatigue, low libido, random rashes, dry eyes, aging skin, poor circulation, and mood swings are a thing of the past. I finally have complete confidence in my innate intuition and incredible mind to research and critically investigate information and make the best decisions for my health. 

My own experience is what now has me passionately sharing what I know with others. 

Society has become less connected with nature and self and more connected to technology and we are seeing the catastrophic results of it. It is time to reclaim your health and take back your life. Your body is capable. You are capable. 

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