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April 19, 2023

We have to breathe to sustain life, so it makes sense that we learn how to do it well!

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Oxygen is pretty darn important when it comes to keeping us alive. We have to breathe to sustain life, so it makes sense that we learn how to do it well. And you might be thinking (like I did at first) …”is that really something we have to learn to do? It comes naturally so what is there to really learn?” 

While I understand where you are coming from…it all shifted for me when I began to see correlation between many of the biggest health problems society is facing and how most people breathe. So, let’s talk about this for a moment. Why is how you breath important? And how exactly does it affect our health? 

These questions can send us down some deep rabbit holes so while today we will just scratch the surface, I can assure you that over the coming months I will talk more about the nuances for those that nerd out on the complexities of breathing. I will interview and share research from people who are truly fanatical breath researchers.

For now…let’s talk about breath basics…

First off…it’s important to know that there are systemic effects to improper breathing. So, while you may not know or understand where your health issues are coming from, you better believe that it very well could be from improper breathing. Fun fact…your own jaw and teeth structure is affected by how you breathe! So improper breathing can lead to a narrower jaw and crowded teeth!

Some other health problems that can arise from improper breathing are cracked lips, cavities, gum disease, bad breath, sore throat, a weakened immune system, digestive issues, sleep disorders and chronic fatigue. This is all due to mouth breathing!

When you mouth breathe, your oral cavity is having to filter stuff the nose was designed for! Your nose was not just designed to filter, but also to humidify and warm the air before it enters your lungs so they can work more effectively. Your nose actually filters about 20 billion particles of foreign matter each day! 

When you practice nasal breathing, you are not only improving the oxygen quality and increasing nitric oxide production (which in turn means enhanced uptake of oxygen in the blood), but you are also improving CO2 tolerance. CO2 tolerance will translate to improved athletic performance, reduced anxiety, decreased inflammation, and increased energy. 

You are probably beginning to see why I included breathe as a foundational pillar to optimal health! To get started with nasal breathing yourself, I would suggest taping your mouth shut at night and/or to be intentional about breathing through your nose during the day (unless you don’t mind taping your mouth in public). 

There are many mouth tapes on the market, but the cheapest option would be to get a 3M micropore tape. Do this for the next 30 days and watch your health rapidly change! If you feel like you need more guidance on your journey, make sure to get in contact with me…I would be happy to help you get to the root cause of what may be holding you back! 

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