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June 22, 2023

Is the sun really your enemy or could it be one of the missing pieces in your wellness journey?

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You may have heard the phrase “food is medicine” and while I do believe that the right foods and the body’s ability to break down those foods plays a vital role in our health…today I want to focus on something I really do believe is a medicine most individuals are not only missing out on, but some are even afraid of: the sun. 

My work with clients is similar to an ER trauma surgeon. If I worked in the ER and someone was bleeding out, the first thing I would do is try to stop the bleeding. When it comes to optimal health, stopping the bleeding first (by stopping or mitigating the things causing harm) is most important. Thereafter you can begin rebuilding the system by focusing on the foundations of optimal health: breath, sleep, nutrition & nourishment, hydration & water, movement, sunshine & grounding, and connection. Everything else (all fancy support systems that the world tries to sell you) come after doing the foundations consistently.  

First, I want to briefly discuss some hindrances that are preventing us from utilizing one of the greatest healing modalities known to man. If you can stop the bleeding per say, or lessen exposure to these hindrances that wreak havoc on the body while allowing the sun to perform it’s healing powers, you will be off to a good start!

Hinderance #1: Chronic exposure to non-native EMF and non-native light sources (like blue light and LED or fluorescent bulbs). 

These electromagnetic fields negatively affect your cellular health and are not the same as life giving native EMF’s which are coming from the sun and the earth. These non-native EMF’s can be found in radio frequencies, wall outlets, various electronics like phones, appliances, cars, etc. 

The problem with these non-native EMF’s and light sources is that they cause a wide range of health problems like sleep apnea, brain fog, anxiety, depression, skin problems, headaches, and even cancer (the list goes on and on). 

So, what’s the solution? For starters, you should remove as much non-native EMF from your environment as possible. Remember…stop the bleeding first! 

-Make sure you aren’t living near a 5G tower ( is a good website to see if you are). Always do your research before buying a home! I’ve heard crazy stories from people that developed cancer from living too close to these cell towers, then moved away and have the cancer disappear. Goes to show how harmful they can be.  

-Reduce exposure to or remove your microwave from your home (my preference is the latter). Radiating your food is only stripping it of valuable nutrients anyway. Trust me…you’re better off without.

-Stop buying smart appliances, smart plugs, or anything “smart” which emits way more EMF’s than any standard appliance. And smart cars…that’s a big no-go in my book (and honestly all of these smart devices are a very dangerous game that gives so much control to the government, but that’s a story for another day). 

-Avoid using high flicker LED or fluorescent lighting in your home. Instead go with incandescent bulbs with a much broader spectrum.

-Don’t carry your phone in your pocket or use your laptop directly on top of your body, but instead get EMF blocking cases or shields. This especially goes for Bluetooth devices! 

Hinderance #2: Wearing sunglasses. 

Sunlight to the eyes is vital to our health. Just like our skin has receptor sites that need to be exposed to sunlight in order to work magic within, our eyes have their own receptor sites too.  As sunlight enters our eyes it stimulates our pineal gland (which is connected to the hypothalamus), stimulating electrical and chemical reactions in the body. This whole process helps with the production of melatonin and serotonin. If you are constantly wearing sunglasses, you are inadvertently causing a whole cascade of problems. When you aren’t allowing enzymes to be activated by blocking the sun you are playing a dangerous game that can wreck your hormones. And when one domino falls, others always follow.

The solution? Stop wearing sunglasses or limit the use of them to times when you may be outdoors for long periods of time when the sun is at its peak. Allow the eyes to take in light (particularly during the first hour of sunrise light and the last hour of light at sunset) which will help with regulating circadian rhythm and regulating hormones. 

Hinderance #3: Wearing sunscreen.

Not only is there a lack of evidence that wearing sunscreen prevents skin cancer, but there appears to be more research showing just the opposite! For example…a 2007 meta-analysis study at the University of California concluded that there is a significant correlation between sunscreen use and skin cancer. There are some good explanations behind these findings. For example, sunscreens contain a variety of harmful chemicals (oxybenzone, polymers of petroleum, parabens, and PABA) that leech right through the skin and disrupts the body’s natural cellular respiration process. This will cause a buildup of free radicals, oxidized amino acids, and DNA damage that can directly lead to cancer. Yikes! 

Sunscreen also blocks melanin’s interaction with the sun. When this happens, the very pigment that was meant to protect us from the sun can’t even do its job as effectively anymore! So, without rabbit hole-ing any further…let’s get to the solution…

STOP slathering on sunscreen and slowly build up your body’s tolerance to the sun (read hinderance #4 for part two of this problem and the solution). If you do feel like you are going to burn and want to be preventative, use a nontoxic & broad-spectrum sunscreen in the areas you are concerned about. 

Hinderance #4: Not going outside as often as we should. 

The majority of society spends most of their time indoors so it’s no wonder they are not primed for the sun’s exposure, which makes them more vulnerable to sunburn and visible damage. 

The results of a 1982 study published by the medical journal, The Lancet, demonstrated that fluorescent light exposure from indoor work creates twice the incidence of melanoma than outdoor work in the sun. This means that those with the highest risk of developing melanomas and mutations in their cells are actually those that work indoors and get little outdoor sun exposure! 

Solution: Get outside more often. Start slowly if you feel you need to but getting sun (without sunscreen or sunglasses) allows SO many enzymes to become activated. Lack of sunshine will stunt healthy cell growth and repair. You can use the D-Minder App to see when the best times are in your area to get Vitamin D from the sun. 

Hinderance #5: Eating a terrible diet.

As if eating garbage wasn’t causing enough damage. Most people are also severely depleted in the nutrients that aid the body in being more resilient to the sun so it’s a double whammy! 

The majority of processed foods nowadays have rancid seed oils that contain polyunsaturated fatty acids. When we’re exposed to UV light, it can cause damage to unsaturated fatty acid molecules in our skin, producing free radicals. This in conjunction with being iron overloaded is a recipe for disaster. 

So, what can you do about it? Watch your diet. Reduce rancid seed oils in the diet, eliminate fortified foods (they contain excess non heme iron), and increase foods that are healing and provide protection from the sun (like ones rich in Vitamin E, Vitamin C, and copper).

It’s a travesty that big pharma came along trying to peddle their prescription drugs and there are now chronically sick individuals that are scared to be out in the sun. In the past, hospitals were using heliotherapy to heal patients from various ailments (everything from jaundice to rickets). Oh, how far (away) we have come!  

So long story short…enjoy your summer (sans sunscreen, sunglasses, and toxic foods)! Another amazing thing is that the best healing modalities, like the sun, are completely free! I know the drug overlords don’t want to take a pay cut so they will continue to make the big ball in the sky seem scary and something they need to protect you from. But fear not…the sun is most definitely your friend. 

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